Mothra - Gunki Wobbler

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  • depth: 60SP = 0 1-1.5 m / 75F = 1.5-2 m / 90F = 2-2.5 m
  • model: 60SP = suspending / 75F and 90F = floating
  • quantity: 1 pc.

The long bill Gunki Mothra 60 SP minnow lure is designed to resemble a small prey fish. Can be worked deeper than the Gamera wobbler this small lure will get you plenty of takes if you just let it hang for a couple of seconds near to any likely predator posts. If you need to trigger attacks then get the lure flashing by using small titches and jerks on the rod tip. A discrete rolling action coupled with a more pronounced wobble will arouse the curiosity of predators in deeper water who can't help but become curious after repeated retrieves across their hunting zone.

Designed to get down quickly to deeper water the Mothra 75 F wobbler is perfect for working along ledges and drop offs. Designed for trying to catch predators where they are stationed rather than getting them chasing a lure. Very attractive because you can impart a wide range of movement to this lure from minimal twitching to violent pulls and jerks. This long bill minnow will attract perch, bass, pike etc its density can be coupled with fast retrieves to create a frenetic action that works well in flowing water.

The Mothra 90 F appears discreet and with a slim silhouette. It reaches depths up to 2.5 m and can be thrown very far thanks to its aerodynamics and weight transfer system. To quickly search large areas, you should simply crank it up like a crankbait. If you want to fish for specific spots, jerks and twitches are recommended to make him dance in panic in front of the predators!